TabunganKu Fitur ATM

TabunganKu Fitur ATM

Now it is easy to have the saving account. It is also facilitated with ATM for you to be able to access to you saving account anytime.

"TabunganKu" is savings for the individual citizen, with easy and less requirements, published jointly by the banks in Indonesia in order to foster a culture of saving and improving the welfare of society.

“Low cost savings for the people of Indonesia”
Key Features :
  • ATM Card (optional)
  • Passbook
  • Free administration fee
  • Call Me 24/7
Other Features :
  • Auto debit for MNC Savings Plan’s deposit
  • Standing Instruction regular bill payments
Benefit for Customer 

Customer Value Proposition to account without ATM features
Additional benefit for accounts with ATM features
Free monthly administration fee, which not reducing the balance
Free cash withdrawal at ATM MNC Bank
Easy requirement
Free cash withdrawal at ATM Bersama
Low initial deposit
Transfer funds via ATM to all bank members of ATM Bersama and ALTO Prima in real time on line
Low minimum balance
Ease of monthly billing payment : PLN, Telkom, PAM (Aetra), credit card MNC & taxes
Interest Rate

0 – 500.000
> 500.000 – 1.000.000
> 1.000.000
Rates and Services

Minimum initial deposit
IDR 20.000
Minimum deposit following
IDR 10.000
Minimum cash withdrawal
IDR 100.000
Minimum balance
IDR 20.000
Administrative cost
Cost of ATM cards (optional)
IDR 50.000
Penalty minimum balance below
Free (cannot be withdrawn if the balance < IDR 20.000)
Penalty dormant balance
IDR 2.000 per month, if the account dromant for 6 consecutive months
Cost of closed accounts
IDR 20.000