MNC Bank Credit Card

Use 6 digit PIN to Secure All Transaction Your Credit Card

Effective July 1 2020, based on Bank Indonesia’s regulation all Credit Card transactions will require 6 -digit PIN as a way to verify.
If you are not received or forgot your MNC Credit Card ‘s 6 digit PIN please request through punyakartu at fitur Self Service - Request PIN or please Call 1500 188.
If you have Credit Card’s PIN, please change your PIN with simple number thru IVR (interactive voice response) and follow the below instruction:
  • Call 1500 188
  • Choose “ Layanan kartu kredit”, press 2
  • Choose “ Perubahan PIN”, press 5
  • Enter your 16 digit credit card number
  • Enter your old 6 digit PIN credit card
  • Enter your new 6 digit PIN credit card
  • Re-enter your new 6 digit PIN credit card.
  • Your new 6 digit PIN ready to use.
Safe and Secure Transaction with PIN!.


What is 6 digit number?
  • In line with Bank Indonesia’s regulations No. 16/25/DKSP date 31 December 2014, by June 30, 2015, all Credit Card transactions at Indonesian merchants require 6 digit PIN or signature as a way to verify and authenticate transaction until June 30, 2020. After June 30, 2020 onward, to heighten the security, all Credit Card transactions at Indonesian merchants will switch its verification and authentication focus on 6 digit PIN number.
What is EDC machine?
  • EDC machine or Electronic Data Capture is an electronic machine that used as a mean of transaction payment utilizing Credit and/or Debit Card. EDC machine can be seen mostly at merchants’ cashier such as supermarket, department store, hotel, mall, and .
What is the advantage of transaction using 6 digit PIN number?
  • 6 digit PIN will replace hand signature, which will no longer be a valid way to verify and authenticate transactions except for the overseas credit card transactions. The use of PIN or signature outside Indonesia will be based on the regulations of each country.
    Since PIN number is confidential and personal, the use of it is more secured than signature base. Sharing PIN number to another party is strictly forbidden.
When should I use 6 digit PIN number?
  • Starting July 1, 2020, all Credit Card transactions at Indonesian merchants will require 6 digit PIN number. Currently, Citi’s EDC at Indonesian merchants has been able to process transaction using PIN number or signature. This signature’s verification ability can only be enjoyed until June 30, 2020. After that date, Credit Card transactions can only be verify and authenticate using 6 Digit PIN number. Please familiarize yourself with the use of 6 digit PIN number for every transaction at Indonesian merchants.
How about overseas transaction, should I use PIN number?
  • PIN can be used for cash withdrawal in all ATM (local / overseas). However, for overseas transaction which may require signature, transaction verification and authorization process shall follow and comply with the regulation of each country.
I am a supplementary cardholder, how do I get my credit card PIN number?
  • Supplementary cardholder will only get PIN number from the main cardholder. He/She may contact MNC Bank Call Center to request PIN number for his/her supplementary cardholder from the phone number 1500188.
How do I transaction using credit card with a 6 digit online PIN technology?
  • Only by entering the 6-digit PIN for verification of transactions, card holders can complete the EDC transaction. This process is the same as using Debit Card / ATM. Currently, the transition period where the card holders can either choose to use 6-digit online PIN technology or signature to complete their purchase transaction in Indonesian merchants is until June 2020.