Enjoy Simplicity of State Revenue Payment through MPN G2

MNC Bank now accepts State Revenue Payment includes : Tax Revenues, Non-Tax Revenues (PNBP), Customs Revenue Payments from both customers and non customers with faster, accurate and more efficient way through MPN G2 (Modul Penerimaan Negara Generasi 2).

MPN G2 is a refinement of the previous system (MPN G1). Using MPN G2, the administration of state revenue will be centralized (single database system) with payment method through Billing System.

Steps to conduct payment through MPN G2 are as follows:
  • Customer to register and obtain a Billing Code for Tax and Non-Tax Revenue Payment (DJB/DJBC/DJA) through Tax Billing System Website : https://sse.pajak.go.id.
  • Customer provides the Billing Code (DJP/DJBC/DJA) and payment funds to Teller.
  • Teller will cross check the data on the Billing Code with tax mandatory profile data.
  • Teller will input the Billing Code and the payment funds into MPN G2 system and confirm the data to the Customer.
  • After receiving confirmation from the Customer, Teller will perform the transaction. A print out of payment evidence (BPN – Bukti Penerimaan Negara) will be presented to the Customer.