Banking anywhere, wherever you are.
Enjoy easier transaction with MNC Mbanking, Mobile banking MNC Bank wherever you are.

No more hassle to find nearest ATM or our branch offices to do banking transactions such as transfers between MNC Bank accounts or transfer to other banks. MNC Mbanking is Mobile Banking application from MNC Bank that offers you convenience and easier way to do your banking transactions from your smartphone.

MNC Mbanking is applicable for saving account and current account customers. Register your mobile banking account and download MNC Mbanking onto your smartphone (Android, and iOS ), and activate it to enjoy the features.

Enjoy banking transactions as follow with MNC Mbanking :
Mobile Banking
  • Balance Information
  • Billing Payment (phone, electricity, water
  • History of 10 last transactions
  • Transfer to your own MNC Bank accounts
  • Transfer to other MNC Bank accounts
  • Transfer to other bank account via SKN
  • Change your PIN
Rates and Services
  • Exchange Rate Information
  • Interest Rate Information
  • Fee and limit transaction
Product Information
Accounts and loans product information of MNC Bank
Branch & ATM Location
MNC Bank Branch & ATM locations
Simulation calculator for deposit rates and KTA loans
MNC Bank promo information
Request E-form
Request for the opening of savings accounts, deposits, credit cards
Contact Us
Displaying MNC Bank Call Center number. When you click the hyperlinked phone number of MNC Bank, it will be directly calling to the MNC Bank Call Center.
Change password and language


Enjoy all benefits of using MNC Mbanking features:
  • Easy transaction. Using MNC Mbanking is very easy. You just need to choose type of your transaction from the available menu on your smartphone screen and no need special training to use it.
  • Easy & Convenience, as easy as using your own smartphone, with MNC Mbanking you can do your banking transaction anywhere and everywhere.
  • Transaction more efficient, because it uses internet access (online).
  • Billing payment for phone, electricity, water and mobile phone credits anywhere and everywhere.
  • You can save a list of your transfer accounts, so for the next transaction you may easily select from the Transfer List.

Setting and Requirements

Requirements to have MNC Mbanking:
  • Have savings/personal current account and MNC Bank ATM card
  • Register for MNC Mbanking through MNC Bank ATM/ Call Center (1500-188)
  • GSM Customer (Telkomsel, XL, Indosat and Smartfren)
  • Android/ iPhone / Blackberry smartphone user
  • Download MNC Mbanking application to your smartphone from; Google Play or Apple Store

Register and Activate Your MNC Mbanking

To register your MNC Mbanking account, you have 2 options :
  • Through MNC Bank ATM
  • Through Call Center 24 hours MNC Bank (IVR)

  • How to register your MNC Mbanking through MNC Bank ATM:
    • Insert your MNC Bank ATM card to MNC Bank ATM machine
    • Insert your MNC Bank ATM PIN
    • Select menu : E-Banking Registration
    • Select menu: Mobile Banking registration
    • Insert your smartphone number by using this format 628XXXXXXXXXX
    • Create your Mobile Banking PIN in a form of 6 digit of numbers. This PIN will be used for your MNC Mbanking.
    • Reinsert your Mobile Banking PIN.
    • Select your account type
    • And you will get confirmation “success” at your ATM screen.
    • Continue with MNC Mbanking activation on your smartphone.
  • How to register MNC Mbanking through Call Center/IVR:
    • Call MNC Bank Call Center at 1500-188
    • Select Menu: Registration Electronic Banking service
    • Select Menu : Mobile Banking Registration
    • Insert 16 digit of your ATM card number
    • Insert 6 digit of your ATM card PIN
    • Insert 15 digit of your saving account /individual current account number
    • Insert your smartphone number
    • Create your Mobile Banking PIN in a form of 6 digit of numbers.
    • Reinsert your Mobile Banking PIN.
    • You will get confirmation from IVR as follows “your mobile banking registration is completed”
    • Continue your MNC Mbanking activation on your smartphone.

How to activate your MNC Mbanking on your smartphone:
  • Please ensure you have enough SMS credit available on your mobile phone to proceed the activation process
  • Download and install MNC MBanking application on your smartphone from PlayStore / Apple Store* /
  • Open home page menu on MNC Banking application, it will display terms and conditions agreement for using the MNC Mbanking.
  • After you read and agree the term & conditions, you will be asked to create a password in a form of 8 digits of alphanumeric (contains of numbers and letters). This Password will be your secret code whenever you login into the Mobile Banking menu.
  • Reinsert your password
  • If your password is correct, you will be prompted to enter Mobile Banking PIN that you have created in the MNC Bank ATM/ Call Center.
  • If your Mobile Banking PIN is correct, then your registration process is completed.
  • Now you can enjoy MNC Mbanking features.


  • You will be charged for Internet access (GPRS/EDGE/3G/WIFI) according to your internet provider. However when you access MNC Mbanking by using Internet access package/BIS unlimited, then no additional cost.
  • Only for MNC Mbanking activation process, there will be SMS fee.
  • For IPhone users, there will be SMS fees for every financial transactions (transfer, payment and purchase) and PIN changing.

Table of fees and limit transaction :
Type of transactions
Minimum limit per transaction
Maximum limit per transaction
Maximum limit per day
Combined Limit per day
Transfer to own account(s)
Rp. 10.000,-
Transfer to other MNC Bank account(s)
Rp. 10.000,-
Rp. 200.000.000,-
Rp. 200.000.000,-
Rp. 200.000.000,-
Transfer to other Bank through SKN
Rp. 10.000,-
Rp. 100.000.000,-
Rp. 100.000.000,-
Rp. 200.000.000,-
Rp 3.500,-

Terms of Transfer to other Bank through SKN

Transactions are processed on weekdays appropriate operational schedule Sistem Kliring Nasional Bank Indonesia.

Safe transactions tips on Mobile Banking :

These are important tips for you to access your MNC Mbanking securely:
  • Make sure you download MNC Mbanking through official MNC Bank link, such as:
    • Go to the and select “Personal” and go to “Services” menu, then select “mobile banking” then chose “Download” menu. You will directly download MNC MBanking application.
    • Get Access to the Google Play Store (Android Market)/Apple Store*, and then search for “MNC Mbanking” application and download it.
  • Select your wireless network that equipped with security code or another security platform. We do not suggest you to access your MNC Mbanking through public WIFI, as there is no security assurance for public WIFI.
  • For transactions using MNC Mbanking:
    • Keep your Password confidential, as your security to access MNC Mbanking.
    • Keep your PIN confidential, as your transaction validity security.
    • Always logout after using your MNC Mbanking account, even for a while.
  • Change your PIN regularly.
  • Beware of attempts of fraud from people who claim to be bank/MNC employees through the telephone, fax or e-mail, who ask for your personal data, including your Password and PIN. A MNC Bank employee will never request or ask for your Password and PIN.

The Risks

Following are negative impact(s) that might be causing losses as a result of negligence of using mobile banking services:
  • Access to your account(s) by unauthorized person(s) because of your mobile phone which has a registered Mobile Banking, Password and PIN is being controlled by unauthorized person(s).
  • Incorrect transfer or payment as a result of neglience of reconfirming transaction (through a confirmation screen statement) of the entered data during the transaction.