Exciting Shopping Sensation Without Hustle

MNC Bank has 2 (two) types of debit card, that is MNC Debit Card for domestic transaction and Mastercard MNC Debit Card which also can be used for overseas transaction.

MNC Debit Card
Aligned with policy of Bank Indonesia regarding national payment system network, which is National Payment Gateway (NPG), MNC Bank presents MNC Debit Card that uses chip-based technology to give maximum security for customer’s financial transactions in EDC networks and ATM with GPN logo all over Indonesia.
It is time to shop using MNC Debit Card without hustle, at your favorite shopping places such as groceries, fashion, automotive, travel, electronic, entertainment, and many more!
Make sure your current ATM card has GPN logo, or visit the nearest MNC Bank branch around Indonesia to open your MNC Saving account.

Benefits of MNC Debit Card:
  • Convenient, no need to bring too much cash
  • No additional fee
  • No minimum transaction
  • Ease of shopping in more than hundreds of merchants in Indonesia that uses EDC with GPN logo through direct-debit-from-account facility*
  • Can be used for transactions in ATM with GPN logo all over Indonesia
  • Secured with chip technology to prevent risk of card counterfeiting by card skimming method (debit card duplication by copying data from magnetic stripe)
*Temporarily only usable using Mandiri EDC

MNC Mastercard Debit Card
For your needs of overseas debit card usage, apply Mastercard MNC Debit Card by opening MNC Saving account.
Mastercard MNC Debit Card can be used for transactions in ATM with Maestro and Cirrus logo all over the world, and giving ease in shopping at millions of merchants all over the world that has Mastercard logo.
Mastercard MNC Debit Card accompanies you to travel the world with ease and convenience through various trips, culinary, and art & culture presented by Mastercard.
For more information about MNC Debit Card or Mastercard MNC Debit Card please contact MNC Bank Call Center 1500 188.