Make your dream into reality with monthly saving with Tabungan Rencana MNC
Plan savings to meet your needs and family in the future :
  • Fund continues to grow with competitive interest credited end of each month
  • Free administration
  • Duration : 1 year s.d. 20 years
  • Submitted account mutations reports every 3 months
Terms and Conditions :
  • Customers must open or already have a Tabungan MNC (saving account) / Giro MNC (current account)
  • Monthly deposit ranging from IDR 100,000 is fixed during the period
  • Account should not be closed / break before maturity. When closed / break, will be charged an administrative fee corresponding rates applicable in the bank
  • If for 3 consecutive months there isn’t any deposit (automatic debiting of account of the origin failed), the account will automatically be closed and the funds are returned to the account of origin after the cut administrative costs
  • Monthly payment cannot be changed throughout the period of membership
  • Accounts are not allowed to be opened in the form of a joint account (and / or)
  • These terms and conditions could change at any time with prior notice in the form and procedure specified by the MNC Bank