Anything, You Can! Saving at Tabungan MNC Berhadiah

Anything you want, as your wish and lifestyle, such as having the various latest gadgets, tourist/pilgrimage trips, precious metal investment, vehicles or anything for entertainment and hobbies, without any charge!
Simply saving with a flexible period up to 60 months; either deposit once at the beginning or monthly payment installment, yes, you certainly can!

Make sure what you want and take immediate action by opening Tabungan MNC Berhadiah.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Customers shall have an account :
    • Tabungan MNC Berhadiah for early initial deposit and will be hold during term of contract. will be held more than one time depends on number of prizes which are desired.
    • Tabungan Rencana Berhadiah for monthly deposits and should have main account,(Saving MNC / Individual Current Account) for initial deposit and source of fund for monthly deposit.
  • Must be fresh fund and not allowed transfer from other account in MNC Bank..
  • Fund will be hold during the selected period and Customer is not allowed to withdraw the funds and / or close Tabungan MNC Berhadiah and / or main account before maturity.
  • Gift can be adjusted to customer wishes. Gift for vehicle is on the road condition.
  • If customer already choose a gift and the Bank unsuccessful to order or obtain, Bank having an authority to replace with similar goods with same value or equivalent to the prior notification and consent from customer. Bank is hereby acquitted of all claims and / or losses arising therefrom.
  • Minimum for gift delivery time is 14 (fourteen) working days from the date of participation and the form is received by the Bank, EXCEPT for motorcycle and vehicle depending on dealer in local area.
  • If customer withdraws Tabungan MNC Berhadiah with a deposit once in advance before maturity, Customer will get penalty charge 125% from gift value and closing fee IDR 100,000 (one hundred thousand Rupiah) if account is closed.
  • If customer close Tabungan MNC Berhadiah with a monthly deposit before the due date or closed by the Bank for any reason, for example due to the unavailability of funds amounting to a monthly deposit in main account for 3 (three) consecutive months, customer will be charge the following fees :
    • Penalties equal to the initial deposit of funds held in the main account.
    • account closing administration fee :
      • <2 years: 5% of the accumulated balance, or min IDR 50,000 (fifty thousand rupiah)
      • 2 years: 2% of the accumulated balance, or min. IDR50,000 (fifty thousand rupiah)
  • Program period until February 2021.