No More description or proof of transfer

MNC Bank Virtual Account is the newest service of MNC Bank which gives convenience to corporate clients in identifying payments received from its customers, even without description and proof of transfer.


  • Ffficiency for corporate’s reconciliation process.
  • No more sending proof of transfer from the customers.
  • Real-time Virtual Account transaction information

Terms and Conditions

  • Has MNC Bank Giro IDR
  • Has MNC eBIZ Banking
  • Fill in Virtual Account registration form at the nearest MNC Bank branch.

Virtual Account Features

  • Virtual Account number as corporate’s identity.
  • Virtual account number consists of 19 digits of number. The first 6 digits will be given by bank, and the rest of 13 digits will be given to the customers to use.
  • Transaction can be done via:
    • MNC Bank Channel
      • MNC eBiz Banking
      • ATM MNC Bank
    • Other Banks Channel
      • Mobile Banking
      • Internet Banking
      • ATM Prima / Bersama
      • With Realtime, SKN, RTGS methods


  • How to apply
    • Visit the nearest MNC Bank branch office
      • Contact branch office’s customer service or frontliner.
      • Fill in Virtual Account registration form and complete required documents.
    • for more information about pricing, please contact our nearest branch.