Export Transaction

1. Letter of Credit Advising
Forwarding export LC issued by the issuing bank overseas to the beneficiary in Indonesia.
2. Transferable Letter of Credit
Entitles the Beneficiary to surrender or transfer rights of the LC, either partially or entirely to one or more third parties.
3. Negotiation under Sight LC/ SKBDN
Financing by the Bank to the exporter / seller, in the form of Purchase or takeover of local or export documents, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the LC or SKBDN.
4. Non LC Financing (Documents against Payment & Documents against Acceptance)
Short-term financing to exporters / sellers for trade transactions without LC documents with the payment terms agreed by the seller and buyers.
5. Discounted Under Usance LC
Financing by discount rate on delivery document export bill futures, based on Usance LC which has been accepted and guaranteed payment in advance by Issuing Bank or Accepting Bank.
6. Pre Shipment Financing
Granting short-term credit facility for customer’s working capital to purchase raw materials into finished goods to be exported or sold locally. This facility can help customers cash flow based on LC/SKBDN or Purchase Order agreed by the Bank and payment from the result of negotiations for local and export documents.
7. Outward Documentary Collection
MNC Bank also handle the billing process documents export of non-LC to importers / buyers abroad. The document can be D/P (Documents against Payment) and D/A (Documents against Acceptance).