17 JULY 2020
Supporting Bank Indonesia, MNC Bank Reaches Card Distribution Target Early
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Jakarta - The heist involving skimming scheme on Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) or duplicating debit cards is a scourge of its own, especially on the onset of a new normal era that minimizes the use of cash transactions. This had creates anxiety for many banking customers.
MNC Bank supports Bank Indonesia's (BI) commitment to keep the payment channel or transaction instrument safe for the public to use. One of the steps taken by BI to anticipate skimming is to encourage the transition of magnetic stripe-based debit cards into chips. The move was reinforced by Bank Indonesia circular No. 17/52 / DKSP as of December 30, 2015 which sets a target every year until 2022 for achieving chip card distribution.
"The distribution of MNC Bank debit cards using chip technology in the first week of July 2020 has passed 82%. It means we have reached the end of 2020 target by 80% in a much faster time, "said MNC President Director of Bank Mahdan at the MNC Center in Jakarta, Thursday (07/16/2020).
Mahdan continued, that the achievement did not only reflect the seriousness of MNC Bank in supporting government and regulatory initiatives. It also strive to provides banking experience that satisfies the public through the latest innovations and technologies.
Besides using chip technology, MNC Bank offers two types of debit cards according to the needs of the community. The MNC GPN Debit Card can be used in all GPN ATM and Electronic Data Capture (EDC) networks in Indonesia. Whereas MNC Mastercard Debit Cards, besides being incorporated in the GPN network, can also be utilized overseas.
"The new normal phase that we are living in requires that we live healthier. For this reason, various habits must change, including transactions. In addition to offering chip debit cards for non-cash transaction solutions, in the near future MNC Bank will launch an integrated banking solution application. This is a first step towards digital banking, which makes transactions easier, safer and more convenient. " Mahdan Concludes.

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