09 DECEMBER 2019
MNC Bank wins 3 awards at once
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MAGELANG - PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk received an appreciation for its brilliant performance in the 2019 Financial Year until the third quarter, resulting in three awards at once. These three are the Indonesian Banking Award - VIII - 2019, the Indonesia Operational Excellence Award - II - 2019, and the Indonesia IT Award - II - 2019. The three awards were held by Ideku Group in collaboration with NBO, LH Partner, Wisesa Latih Indonesia, PPPI, PQI Consultant, and Indonesia - Asia Institute.
All awards are judged from various disciplines based on publicly available data such as financial reports, mass media coverage, and the company's official website. MNC Bank won the 1st Best Information Technology 2019 within BUKU II Bank category, 2019 2nd Best Operational 2019 within BUKU II Bank category, and Big 5 Bank Public Company 2019 within BUKU II Bank category. This award is annualy held in order to give appreciation to business who contribute to community development and have good information disclosure and performance. The award was received directly by MNC Bank Corporate Secretary Heru Sulistiadhi held in Prambanan and Borobudur (December 6-7 2019).
"This award is not only an appreciation of performance and achievement, but also a reminder and motivation so that our performance will be better in the future. Thus able to provide more value to customers, shareholders, the public, and other stakeholders. ", Said Heru on the sidelines of the award ceremony. Heru continued, the synergy of MNC Bank with various MNC Group business units as well as hard work and solidity for all employees and management is reflected in the maintained performance throughout 2019.
Until September 2019, MNC Bank's performance was quite good. This can be seen in the performance of MNC Bank in the third quarter of 2019 which recorded total assets of Rp11.08 trillion and liabilities of Rp9.63 trillion or grew by 3.6% and 3.4% respectively from the same period in the previous year. Asset growth was driven by an increase in lending, which in third quarter of 2019 reached Rp8.1 trillion, or grew 7.6%. Credit distribution has reached 96% of the target with the largest portion of the distribution in the Consumer sector, in accordance with the bank's business plan. Meanwhile, liability growth was driven by an increase in third party fund raising, which in the third quarter of 2019 reached Rp9 trillion or grew 5.9%. The growth of third party funds reached 96% of the target with savings growth of 7.6%.
 "Not only do we consider this award winner a company with the best performance in 2019 according to public data, but also have good prospects for sustainability going forward. We hope that this award will motivate MNC Bank and other winners to continue to improve performance and contribute to Indonesia. "Said Jury Chairman Irlisa Rachmadiana.

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