12 MARCH 2020
MNC Bank wins 2020 Indonesia Sales and Marketing Award
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JAKARTA - The hard work of PT Bank MNC International Tbk (MNC Bank)resulted in another appreciation. This award was won at the Indonesia Sales Marketing Award (ISMA) IV 2020. The Company succeeded in obtaining the 2nd rank of the Best ISMA IV-2020 in the category of Bank Buku II Tbk, for the implementation of marketing strategies by focusing on synergy with the MNC Group network.
President Director of MNC Bank Mahdan is proud and grateful for this achievement. This achievement is judged in accordance with the company's performance in strengthening marketing communications that are able to obtain the right target segment with each product.
MNC Bank, he said, was able to take advantage of the digital momentum with a variety of mobile applications that continue to be improved so that customers can easily transact such as Punyakartu and m-banking for individual customers, and e-bizz banking and virtual accounts for corporate customers.
"We are doing targeted marketing and promotion in accordance with appropriate target market and the products we have launched, so the results are more effective," said Mahdan, in Jakarta, Thursday (03/12/2020).
Mahdan thanked the sales, support, and management team of MNC Bank and all MNC media who contributed to the growth of the MNC Bank brand both from the news and media placement recommendations.
"We are thankful for support of MNC Group's units, including all MNC media, that supported the growth of the MNC Bank brand both from the news and media placement recommendations," he said.
To note, the company's performance can be seen from net interest income of Rp403.96 billion in 2018 growing to Rp421.74 billion in 2019.
Meanwhile, the company's latest innovation is the launch of two types of debit cards, the MNC GPN debit card and the MNC Mastercard debit card to enhance an easier, safer and more convenient transaction experience for customers.
The MNC GPN debit card can be used throughout the GPN ATM and EDC network in Indonesia, while the MNC Mastercard debit card, besides being incorporated in the GPN network, can also be used abroad.

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