23 AUGUST 2019
MNC Bank Wins 2019 Indonesia Good Corporate Governance Award
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JAKARTA, - PT Bank MNC International Tbk received an appreciation from the 2019 Indonesia Good Corporate Governance Award organized by the Economic Review magazine in collaboration with the Indonesia - Asia Institute in Jakarta, Friday (23/8). The award assesses the company's performance as of December 2018 and the implementation of good corporate governance (GCG) based on publicly available data, such as financial reports, annual reports, and information on the company's website and authority. MNC Bank was given an appreciation as The Big 6 - Indonesia GCG Implementation 2019 in the category of Commercial Bank BUKU II.
 "I hope that this appreciation given by the Indonesia GCG Award will become a spirit of management and employee morale to consistently improve good corporate governance. Because if governance is one of the keys to success in achieving good performance, "said President Director of MNC Bank Mahdan, on the sidelines of receiving the award.
Mahdan continued, throughout 2018, MNC Bank has made various efforts to improve the quality of governance, risk management and compliance. The results can not only be seen from the awards related to governance received yesterday, as well as today. But it can also be seen from the positive performance of 2018 which is still maintained in the first half of 2019.
Throughout the first half of 2019, MNC Bank has implemented various strategies to improve good governance and increase profitability. The results can be seen from the audited June 2019 Financial Statements. The Bank's net interest income in June 2019 was Rp.203.45 billion, an increase of 12% compared to June 2018 of Rp 181.35 billion. The NIM in June 2019 was 4.07%, an increase compared to June 2018 of 3.70%. Third party funds raised by the Bank in June 2019 were Rp8.45 trillion. While on the lending side, MNC Bank recorded June 2019 credit disbursement of Rp7.90 trillion, an increase of 5.27% compared to June 2018 of Rp7.51 Trillion.
Therefore, the appreciation received this time was considered as a sign that the effort made was in the right direction. However, Mahdan reminded, that there is always room for improvement so that banks can continue to grow and develop properly.
 "The Indonesia GCG Award or IGCGA 2019 in its fifth year is not only based on the principles of Good Corporate Governance. In this digital era, of course good Information Technology Governance is a business need to be able to support the company's business goals and needs. MNC Bank and other companies as the winner of IGCGA in the fifth year, is a company that is proven capable of surviving and resilient in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the digital age. , "Said the founder of Economic Review Irlisa Rachmadiana.
 In addition to providing appreciation in the form of an award night, IGCGA 2019 also held a workshop titled Consistency of GCG Implementation for Sustainable Growth & Leading in Global Competition. At the workshop, participants were invited to explore various tips so that the implementation of GCG can run effectively and efficiently consistently. That is because with technological advances, rivals are not only local but also global.
"Improving the quality of governance cannot run alone. But with the cooperation of all parties ranging from management to employees, the running of good governance at MNC Bank will result in positive performance." Concluded Mahdan.

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