04 JUNE 2018
MNC Bank Welcomes New Logo
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JAKARTA - PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk Jakarta - PT Bank MNC International Tbk invited various media to show the implementation of new logo at MNC Bank Jakarta branch office, Monday (4/6). Welcoming media colleagues is a new line of MNC Bank management led by Executive Officer Ageng Purwanto.
"The circle in the logo, is a symbol of continuous synergy between business units under MNC Kapital Indonesia. "Said Ageng on the sidelines of the introduction of MNC Bank new logo.
Furthermore, Ageng explained that the official logo that was launched last Thursday (31/5) is very in line with the second phase of Bank transformation. In this phase of Focusing the Business, one of its strategic direction is to strengthen the synergy with the group business unit. Through this synergy, not only the Bank's performance will continue to increase, but also the quality of service to customers and all stakeholders.
Ageng's statement is echoed by the Director of MNC Financial Services Wito Mailoa. He hopes the new logo can instantly communicate the value and commitment to improving the quality of service to customers and all stakeholders.
MNC Financial Services and all business units under its auspices launched a new logo on Thursday last week (31/5) in Jakarta. The logo launch marks a change of logo for MNC Financial Services and its seven subsidiaries, including MNC Bank.
"The change of logo is expected not only to change the identity of the logo alone, but the values ​​contained in it can be absorbed by every employee by always upholding integrity, putting forward ethics, and strong character in every business activity," explained Wito pointing out that the new logo is very important in helping to strengthen the business.
Keep in mind, in addition to circles that indicate the ongoing synergy between business units, the new logo that is launched is loaded with meaning. Light in the middle of the MNC logo, defines the company's energy to become the most innovative integrated financial services. Meanwhile, the line separating the logo into 4 boxes rotates clockwise, meaning forward-oriented, the spirit of the corporation to make all its business units proven in the future.
In addition, the navy blue represents trust, professionalism and reputation. While the color of gold represents wealth, prosperity, robustness and success.