31 DECEMBER 2019
MNC Bank Signs Credit Agreement with Koperasi Wahana Raharja
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BANDUNG - PT Bank MNC International Tbk (MNC Bank) closed 2019 by signing a credit agreement with the Dirgantara Indonesia Cooperative "Wahana Raharja". The credit agreement was realized with an executing scheme.
The agreement was signed by MNC Bank Bandung Branch Manager Yogi Hardian accompanied by MNC Bank Banceuy SBM Wira Satria and Chairman of Wahana Raharja Cooperative Yuyu Wachyudin accompanied by Chair 1 Wahana Raharja Cooperative Lilik Pramono and Chair 2 Wahana Raharja Cooperative Erwanto Gayo, in Bandung, Monday (12/30/2019).
"We hope that the ceiling of executing loan provided by MNC Bank can be channeled to improve the welfare of the family of PT Dirgantara Indonesia in particular, and the people of Bandung and West Java in general," said Yogi Hardian.
Yogi said, the cooperation with PT DI Cooperative was the first time. However, it is expected to open good business cooperation in the future. Not only with cooperatives in Bandung and surrounding areas, but also various businesses and value chains that are intertwined in it.
Yogi continued, that throughout 2019, MNC Bank had carried out various strategies to improve performance. One of them is to increase cooperation networks with various businesses and cooperatives with a good track record.
"This cooperation is expected to continue to produce positive business synergies and play a role in improving the quality of the aerospace industry through improving the welfare of human resources and their families," Yuyu Wachyudin agreed with Yogi's comments.
Yuyu also said that the trust given by MNC Bank was a trust that would be carried out as well as possible. So that in future there will be more opportunities for business cooperation between the two parties.
Until the third quarter of 2019, MNC Bank's performance was quite good. This can be seen in the performance of MNC Bank in the third quarter of 2019 which recorded total assets of Rp11.08 trillion and liabilities of Rp9.63 trillion or grew by 3.6% and 3.4% respectively from the same period in previous year.
Liability growth was driven by an increase in third party fund raising, which in the third quarter of 2019 reached Rp9 trillion or grew 5.9%. As for the amount of deposits in savings increased by 7.6%. In the future MNC Bank will continue to provide more value to its customers in an effort to increase the portion of low-cost funds. One that has been implemented is the addition of a debit feature to the MNC Bank ATM Card, so customers can shop throughout the GPN debit network.
  Meanwhile, asset growth was driven by an increase in lending, which in the third quarter of 2019 reached Rp8.1 trillion, or grew 7.6%. The biggest portion of distribution is in the Consumer sector according to the Bank's Business Plan. In the future MNC Bank will continue to pay attention to the development of consumer and SME businesses, with the support of the corporate business.

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