02 MAY 2019
MNC Bank Relocates To Better Serve Makassar
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Makassar - PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk continues to expand the range of services to open greater banking access for the community. For this reason, MNC Bank is inaugurating a new office in a more strategic location in the heart of Makassar. The new office located at Ratulangi Point Building, Jalan DR. Ratulangi city of Makassar, is a relocation of the Branch Office which was previously located on Jalan Bulusaraung.
The new office was inaugurated directly by the President Director of MNC Bank, Mr. Mahdan, "Today we thank you for the Grand Opening of the New Office of the Makassar KC Bank KC, with this more strategic and larger new office location, expected to contribute positively in providing financial services and solutions for customers. We have adjusted the selection of office locations to the penetration of the retail and consumer segments that we are developing. We continue to do various efforts which will ultimately improve efficiency and provide fast and easy service. That way we hope that customer loyalty will increase. "Mahdan said.
He added "In addition to a more strategic new location, we hope that this step can increase the participation of MNC Bank in achieving the economic growth target of South Sulawesi, especially the city of Makassar, besides of course maintaining the Bank's profitability in carrying out a balanced intermediary function. "
The economic potential of South Sulawesi and the high level of government optimism towards the development of South Sulawesi, especially Makassar, are reflected in the increasing growth targets launched by Bank Indonesia. The optimism was carried out by the BI South Sulawesi Representative Office which raised predictions of economic growth in 2019. Recorded, BI predicts economic growth in South Sulawesi, throughout 2019, between 7.2 percent and 7.6 percent. Up from the predicted 2018 economic growth between 7.0 percent and 7.4 percent. With economic growth throughout 2018 from South Sulawesi which reached 7.07 percent, it is expected that in 2019 it will not miss.
Makassar's potential can also be seen from the banking performance where according to the Bank Indonesia Representative Office Makassar, in 2016 there were Rp. 55.8 trillion in deposits in Makassar, in 2017 it raised Rp. 57.8 trillion. Likewise on the side of lending, which in 2016 was recorded at Rp 68.3 trillion, in 2017 it managed to reach Rp 72.6 trillion. This further encouraged MNC Bank to develop business in the city of Makassar.
 "The national performance of MNC Bank in 2018 is quite good with an operating profit at the end of 2018 of Rp. 80.19 billion, the acquisition of third party funds until the end of 2018 reaches around Rp. 8.47 trillion. While in terms of lending, until the end of 2018 the total loans disbursed reached around Rp 7.51 trillion, "said Mahdan interrupted by the inauguration. Furthermore, Mahdan acknowledged that in addition to relocating to strategic locations, MNC Bank has its own strategy to help economic growth in South Sulawesi. That is to facilitate the growth of SMEs through a faster credit distribution mechanism, but still prudent and on target.
While the Director of MNC Bank Rita Montagna hopes that with this relocation, "The bank can expand the reach and portfolio of its customers. Makassar City has the potential to further advance the national economy. We are optimistic that with this relocation, we can reach more communities and further advance the economy of South Sulawesi and Indonesia, "
"With penetration focused on the retail and consumer segments, MNC Bank is also preparing various superior technology-based product and service innovations. Starting from the development of mobile banking, internet banking, opening online accounts and mobile applications, among others, the application of cards for MNC bank credit cards to facilitate banking transactions for all MNC Bank customers. "Rita concluded

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