19 NOVEMBER 2018
MNC Bank Received Anugerah Perbankan Indonesia 2018
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JAKARTA - PT Bank MNC International Tbk won the 2018 Indonesian Banking Award again, which was held by Economic Review Magazine, Perbanas Institute, and IPMI International Business School. The awards given to the 26 best banks in Indonesia are also the result of collaboration with the Indonesia-Asia Institute, NBO Group, Thomas International, PQI International, and Frontliner Service.
In the annual event that has been held for the seventh time, MNC Bank was awarded 2018 Indonesian Banking Award as the 1st Best Private Bank Rating in Indonesia for the BUKU II group (assets of IDR 10 T to IDR 25 T). The award from Perbanas is an acknowledgment from banking experts to MNC Bank which has transformed in various lines.
MNC Bank President Director Ageng Purwanto said the award was a brilliant proof of MNC Bank's future. The sustainability of the transformation agenda and synergy with all MNC Group business units as a whole by MNC Bank has had a positive impact on the achievement of financial, as well as non-financial aspects.
"We obtained brilliant evaluations in the aspects of GCG, IT, CSR, and Corporate Secretary and Corporate Communication. All of these elements synergize well, so that our performance in 2018 continues to increase, "he said in Jakarta, Monday (11/19/2018). The award has gone through an assessment process on 10 aspects of assessment including Finance, Risk, GCG, Human Capital, Marketing, IT, CSR, Corporate Secretary, Corporate Communication, and Operational.
He explained, the award received tonight was the 13th appreciation given to MNC Bank for the results achieved during 2017-2018. Aside from being a proof of the success of all company elements, this is seen as an encouragement to be even better. "We are thankful for all the awards we have received so far, but I hope that all management and employees will not be complacent and make this an encouragement to improve performance and service to customers and all stakeholders," he said.
MNC Bank's performance during 2018 continues to show improvement. The bank managed to reap net profit in the third quarter of 2018 of Rp 101.97 billion, an increase of 243% compared to same period in 2017 of Rp (70.86 billion). While from the MNC Bank funding side, the focus is on increasing low-cost funds (CASA), until in Quarter III / 2018, the Bank managed to raise low-cost funds of Rp 1.75 trillion compared to Rp 1.47 trillion in the same period in 2017. While credit distribution Quarter III / 2018 to Rp. 7.52 trillion increased compared to Rp. 7.11 trillion in the same period in 2017.
In terms of financial ratios, the Bank's success in maintaining credit quality is reflected in the maintenance of the NPL NPL ratio of 3.83% in the third quarter of 2018 which did not change from the same period in 2017. In addition, the Bank succeeded in carrying out efficiency in operational costs as showcased by BOPO became 85.60% compared to 112.19% in the same period in 2017. Bank profitability continued to increase which can be seen from the NIM ratio to 3.84% from 3.43% in the same period in 2017.
"Our success in winning this award is an evidence of our ability as well as token of encouragement to become the best bank in its class." Ageng concluded.

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