25 APRIL 2019
MNC Bank Pekanbaru Relocates to Jenderal Sudirman to Better Serves Its Customers
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Pekanbaru - PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk (MNC Bank) conducted the inauguration of the Pekanbaru Branch Office (KC) on April 25, 2019. This branch office is a relocation from the branch office which was originally located on Jl. Tuanku Tambusai moves to the new address on Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No.126 D, Pekanbaru.
MNC President Director Bank Mahdan, said this relocation was to increase the Bank's role in the Pekanbaru economy in addition to bringing Bank services closer so that customers were more comfortable transacting. "In addition to a more strategic new location, we hope that this step can increase the participation of MNC Banks in supporting Riau's economy, especially the city of Pekanbaru, besides of course maintaining the Bank's profitability in carrying out a balanced intermediary function. "Said Mahdan.
Furthermore, Mahdan revealed that Riau has various potentials besides mining and processing petroleum. In addition to the rapid potential of plantations and its supporting industries such as processing and trade, Riau, especially Pekanbaru, is also supported by its Demographic potential. The city of Pekanbaru, according to the records of BPS in Pekanbaru City has a population of almost 1.1 million in 2017 with the majority of the population in the productive age range of 15-34 years. In addition, the Manpower Office of Pekanbaru City also recorded a good growth in MSEs, where in 2009 the minimum wage was still below 1 million rupiah, in 2017 it had already reached Rp 2.5 million. Both of these points show promising potential for the development of MNC Banks in Pekanbaru.
The potential of Pekanbaru can also be seen from the growth of deposits in which according to the BI Representative Office of Riau Province, there were IDR 35.1 trillion in deposits in Pekanbaru, in 2017 it reached IDR 40 trillion. Likewise on the side of lending, which in 2014 was recorded at Rp. 28.8 trillion, in 2017 it managed to reach Rp. 39.7 trillion.
"The performance of MNC Bank in 2018 is quite good with an operating profit at the end of 2018 of Rp. 80.19 billion, the acquisition of third party funds until the end of 2018 reaches around Rp. 8.47 trillion. While in terms of lending, until the end of 2018 the total loans disbursed reached around Rp 7.51 trillion, "said Mahdan interrupted by the inauguration. Meanwhile Director of MNC Bank Rita Montagna hopes that with this relocation, the Bank can expand its reach and portfolio from a number of 7071 customers, the majority of which are from processing and oil palm plantations and trade, and 315 debtors whose majority are palm oil, contractor and trade.
"The city of Pekanbaru has great potential with high productive age demographics. We are optimistic that with this relocation, we can reach more people and further advance Pekanbaru's economy, "Rita concluded.

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