21 AUGUST 2019
MNC Bank launched the MNC Bank Loyalty Club digital card.
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Jakarta - PT Bank MNC International Tbk (MNC Bank) gives appreciation to savings customers in the form of point rewards given in the form of MNC Bank Loyalty Club digital cards. The Loyalty Program is implemented in collaboration with MNC Bank and TADA which manages the platform by carrying out the concept of digital membership and subscription, rewards and Referral Marketing. The launch and signing of the collaboration was attended by MNC President Director of Bank Mahdan and TADA CEO Antonius Taufan, witnessed by MNC Director of Bank Rita Montagna, GM TADA Helda Santoso and management from both companies in Jakarta, Wednesday (21/8).
"This program is our appreciation to loyal customers of MNC Bank. In addition to retaining customers, the program is also a business step to increase the Bank's low-cost funds, "said Mahdan interrupted the signing of the collaboration.
Mahdan continued, that during the first half of 2019, MNC Bank had implemented various strategies to improve performance. The results can be seen from the audited June 2019 Financial Statements. The Bank's net interest income in June 2019 was Rp203,455 million, an increase of 12% compared to June 2018 of Rp 181,350 million. The NIM in June 2019 was 4.07%, an increase compared to June 2018 of 3.70%. Third party funds raised by the Bank in June 2019 Rp8,448,764 Million, an increase compared to June 2018 Rp 8,469,956 million. While on the lending side, MNC Bank recorded June 2019 credit disbursement of Rp.7,907,805 million, an increase of 5.27% compared to June 2018 of Rp7,511,633 million. The signing of this collaboration is not only as a form of appreciation, but the selection of digital format as a sign MNC Bank is ready to become a Bank of the future that can meet the needs of customers in the digitalization era with increasingly bright profitability.
"The partnership with MNC Bank is the first step in realizing our mission, which is to bring companies migrate from transactions to a sustainable relationship, from customers to agents of reputation distribution," Antonius Taufan said. He continued that TADA is a Customer Engagement Platform that has a role in supporting more than 500+ brands innovating in marketing strategies. Carrying the concepts of digital membership and subscription, reward ecosystem and Referral Marketing, TADA helps provide solutions for companies that want to provide more value to their customers.
The collaboration between TADA and MNC Bank applies to MNC Savings customers including payroll accounts, as well as MNC Junior savings. An electronic card as a container of loyalty points can be accessed easily through the TADA application on a smartphone. While the points that can be exchanged for various prizes are calculated based on the average daily balance each month, and the addition of the average daily balance.
"The greater the Savings balance, the higher the Point value, and the more prizes can be taken or exchanged," concluded Mahdan.

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