16 NOVEMBER 2020
MNC Bank Introduce Tabungan Dahsyat
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JAKARTA - The Financial Services Authority (OJK) requires all junior high school students in Indonesia to have savings at a bank. These efforts are made by cooperating with local governments at both the provincial and district / city levels. This was explained by the Chairman of the OJK Board of Commissioners Wimboh Santoso at the 2020 Fintech Summit as an effort to encourage savings from the public. This is because, according to Wimboh, currently there are still people who keep money at home under a pillow.
Often times, savings are not looked at even though they are safe, because the interest is low. Therefore, PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk or MNC Bank offers not only sound savings, but also provides added value to society and customers. Account security is strengthened by the presence of the Motion application from MNC Bank, which is an integrated banking solution. Meanwhile, for the added value offered on savings, starting from November 16, 2020, MNC Bank introduced a program that spreads billions of rupiah in the form of various great prizes through the Tabungan Dahsyat program.
Tabungan Dahsyat is a program that provides prizes, both when opening a savings account and when increasing the balance in a savings account. An e-voucher is available for people who open MNC Bank Savings accounts and have met the program requirements. In addition, all MNC Bank Savings customers whose average balances meet the requirements can continue to increase the balance to gain sweepstake code. The code will then be drawn periodically to win various prizes.
Every month, customers will be drawn for chance in winning e-vouchers, every three months they will be drawn for chance in winning smartphones, and at the end of the period, the main prize will be drawn in the form of luxury car. Isn't that Dahsyat (awesome)?
“One of MNC Bank's main strategies in improving performance and profitability is increasing low-cost funds. We introduce Tabungan Dahsyat to reach a wider market and increase the portion of savings in bank-managed third party funds." The President Director of MNC Bank Mahdan explained in an interview via the iNews Siang in Jakarta, Monday (16/11).
Mahdan continued, by saving in the bank, the funds are certainly safe because the bank is the most regulated and supervised financial institution. Now saving funds in the Bank is even more secure because through applications such as Motion from MNC Bank, customers can always monitor and receive instant notifications for every activity on their accounts.
Furthermore, MNC Bank Director Rita Montagna on the same occasion explained that saving at MNC Bank is safe and has added value. With the introduction of Tabungan Dahsyat, this added value was further increased with a tremendous prize worth billions of rupiah.
“Tabungan Dahsyat from MNC Bank was introduced as a solution for savings that are safe and provide added value. By saving, customers have the opportunity to win various prizes ranging from e-vouchers to luxury cars." Said Rita.
Rita continued, that this program was held so that anyone could easily participate. Simply open an account with a minimum balance of IDR 1 million and get a Shopee e-voucher of IDR 100,000 which can be used for shopping for various needs. In addition, customers whose average balance meets the requirements can also continue to increase their balance to increase their chances of winning the lottery, starting from 30 Shopee e-vouchers worth IDR 10 million, 3 prizes of iPhone 12 Pro Max, to Toyota Avanza Veloz and Toyota Alphard.
Through this program, MNC Bank hopes that people will no longer hesitate to place their funds in savings, because they get tremendous value. Not only that, all customers are also entitled to the MNC Bank Loyalty Club which can be exchanged for any purpose at any time Information about Tabungan Dahsyat from MNC Bank can be accessed through mncbank.co.id or MNC Bank Call Center 1500188. Come on, save at MNC Bank! Besides being safe, there are many opportunities to win huge prizes of billions of rupiah throughout the year.

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