19 AUGUST 2020
MNC Bank Holds Webinar on Economic Prospects to support National Economic Recovery
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JAKARTA - As a form of support for the National Economic Recovery efforts echoed by the government and helping customers take advantage of various economic potentials and opportunities, MNC Bank held a webinar themed Economic Prospects for Semester II 2020. The activity which was held online Tuesday (18/8/2020) was moderated by the MNC Bank Chief Network & Operation Officer Rasmoro Pramono Aji. The activity was attended by participants consisting of customers and banking observers.
The webinar was opened with remarks from President Director of MNC Bank Mahdan. He reminded that although the current situation looks very challenging, that is where there can be a leap of innovation and potentials to be exploited. Quality information to take the best steps, as well as synergies with the right partners can be significant factors for success in the midst of challenges.
Furthermore, a discussion of current Indonesian economic situation and future economic prospects was presented by the Chairperson of Indonesian Securities Analysts Association, Dr. (Cand.) Edwin Sebayang, SE, MBA, CSA, CIB. The presentation was continued with sharing experiences and insights from customers being able to turn the pandemic challenge into a business opportunity.
Edwin said that the chances of Indonesia experiencing a recession in the second half of 2020 are quite large. This reflects experiences of the 1998 and 2008 economic crises, the average historical quarterly economic growth of Indonesia from 2016 to 2019, as well as pressures due to weakening global economy.
However, Edwin also explained that the word crisis in Mandarin comes from the word Wei Xian which means danger, and ji hui which means opportunity. So it is necessary to remember that in every crisis even though it has dangers, it also contains opportunities that lead to hope. The business sector (supply) and purchasing power (demand) which have weakened since the beginning of the pandemic, have now seen the first signs of increasing economic activity after the adoption of new norms. As a result, production activities and purchasing power are predicted to improve again in line with increased community mobility as a signal of increasing economic activity.
Rasmoro Pramono Aji, who is familiarly called Oney, revealed that by bringing in business customers, MNC Bank hopes that participants can adapt and be able to increase the economic productivity of the community again. With that, the national economic recovery can also gain momentum.
"There are still many opportunities to be exploited at this challenging time. If customers can optimize it with MNC Bank, it will undoubtedly become a catalyst in re-activating the joints of the nation's economy. I am sure, together we can build a developed Indonesia. " Concluded Oney.

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