23 FEBRUARY 2018
MNC Bank gets Platinum grade in Indonesia CSR Award 2018
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Jakarta —PT Bank MNC Internasional, Tbk. gains appreciation for it’s good track record in conducting activities that impelement  corporate social responsibilities. Platinum grade was awarded to MNC Bank in Indonesian CSR Award 2018 held by Economic Review, in cooperation with Perbanas Institute, and Indonesia Asia Institute in Jakarta, Friday (23/2).

"As a company whose operations are in direct contact with the community, we are not only pursuing profit, but how to build a sustainable society. "said MNC Bank President Director Benny Purnomo after receiving the award directly from Irlisa Rachmadiana, SSn, MM as the founder of Economic Review.

Besides of course pursuing profit and provide good return for shareholders, Benny Purnomo explains that it is MNC Bank aspiration to contribute to the progress of nation and state. One of the efforts towards this is to engage in CSR activities whose effects can be felt on an ongoing basis for both community and MNC Bank itself. To that end, MNC Bank focuses more on improving education and financial literacy, improving health, as well as educational cost and religion support. In order to expand the scope and benefits of the activities, MNC Bank continues to synergize with all MNC Group business units under the banner of MNC Peduli.

For information, all award nominees are national companies with categories of Private, Listed, BUMN, BUMD, BPD, BPR and others. To screen nominations, the judging process is conducted by an independent, competent jury in the CSR field. The jury members are from Economic Review magazine, academics from IPMI Int. Business School, and PQI management consultant.

 "This award is considered as a booster, not only for MNC Bank, but also MNC Group's business unit in order to improve its role with CSR implementation. Furthermore, in 2018 we will also continue to improve coordination among business units of the group to synergy CSR activities under the banner of MNC Peduli. ", Benny Purnomo concludes.