02 MARCH 2018
MNC Bank gets Big 7 from Indonesia Corporate Secretary & Corporate Communication Award 2018 and Big 6 from Indonesia Information Technology Award 2018
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Jakarta - PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk is again awarded for its good performance in maintaining and enhancing the company's reputation, as well as various innovations in Information Technology during 2017. The appreciation which results in Platinum Grade, Big 7 and Big 6, was awarded on the awarding night at Indonesia Corporate Secretary & Corporate Communication Award ICCA) 2018, and Indonesia Information Technology Award (IITA) 2018 held by Economic Review, in cooperation with Perbanas Institute in Jakarta (2/3).

"A banking institution is identical as a business based on innovation, in addition to community trust. Therefore, these two awards we consider not only an appreciation of the various efforts to bring innovation and increase public confidence. But, also as a booster to further improve our performance in 2018 and in the future. ", Said MNC Bank President Director Benny Purnomo after receiving the award on the sidelines of the award ceremony.

Throughout 2017, MNC Bank has presented various innovations based on digital technology to make it easier for customers to perform banking transactions such as internet banking, mobile banking and applications like punyakartu and punyarumah. In addition, the Bank also launched an application developed to provide solutions for parents in providing a basic understanding of the value of money with fun game concept (gamification). This is done because the company is increasing its focus on clicks rather than bricks. Brick is building as many branch offices as possible. While clicks make smartphone as MNC Bank touchpoint. Thus making smart phone customers perform banking transactions anywhere and anytime.

"The channel's electronic apps we developed will continue to be enhanced. So for the customers who want to do banking transactions, they would simply reach the phone, "said Benny responded to the digital transformation being run by MNC Bank.

In addition to the IT awards, MNC Bank also received awards in Corporate Secretary and Corporate Communication thanks to positive coverage from various corporate sides including IT innovation throughout 2017. The reputation of a company is built on the perceptions of stakeholders, both external and internal. Thus, good corporate communications from a company will benefit the business in various ways, particularly in terms of trust. The seriousness of MNC Bank in maintaining a good reputation is demonstrated by the fulfillment of good corporate governance aspects.

"This award is the result of the hard work of all employees and management. However, we should not be complacent. In addition to continuously improving the quality of service and communication to our customers and other stakeholders, MNC Bank must continue to bring innovations in order to continue its competitive edge in the era of digital banking, "concluded Benny Purnomo.

For information, all award nominees are national companies with categories of Private, Tbk, BUMN, BUMD, BPD, BPR and others. To screen nominations, the judging process is conducted by an independent jury who is competent in its field. The chairman of ICCA Jury is Gunadarma academic Irina Mildawani, PhD. While the Chairman of the Jury Board of IITA is the academic Perbanas Institute DR. Harya D. Widiputra, ST, Mkom.