08 MARCH 2019
MNC BANK EGMS Approves Capital Injection
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JAKARTA— Friday (8/3) PT Bank MNC International Tbk (MNC Bank) held an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGM) at iNews Tower, MNC Center Kebon Sirih, Jakarta.
The EGMS included approving Capital Additives through the No HMETD mechanism and the Company's Capital Additions through the Preemptive Rights mechanism, as well as changes in the share nominal value so that the Company's shares consist of Series A Shares and Series B Shares. applies in the capital market sector, especially POJK No.31 / POJK.04 / 2017 concerning the Issuance of Shares with Different Nominal Values ​​and changes to Article 4 of the Company's Articles of Association.
Capital addition through the No HMETD (PMTHMETD) mechanism was approved in order to strengthen the capital structure to a maximum of 2,178,505,622 shares or 10% of all shares that have been placed and fully paid in the Company. While the company's capital increase through the HMETD mechanism is approved by issuing a maximum of 4,126,506,825 (four billion one hundred twenty six million five hundred six thousand eight hundred twenty five) series B shares with a nominal value of Rp50 (fifty Rupiah) per share ("New Shares") and accompanied by the issuance of V series warrants in a maximum of 6,189,760,238 (six billion one hundred eighty nine million seven hundred sixty thousand two hundred thirty eight) where each one V series warrants can be exchanged with one series share B with a nominal value of Rp50 (fifty rupiah) per share.
The EGMS also approved the issuance of new Series B shares from Port of 1,891,561,916 shares with a nominal value of Rp50 (fifty Rupiah) per share.
In addition, the EGM also approved the appointment of Mahdan as President Director. Mahdan previously served as MNC Bank Compliance Director. From 1990 to 2014 he held various positions in the banking industry ranging from Citibank, HSBC, BoT Mitsubishi - UFJ, and finally at DBS Indonesia as Compliance Director. Since 2014 he has joined MNC Group at PT Global Media Com Tbk and PT MNC Investama Tbk as Head of Internal Audit.
The change in the Company's Management Structure and corporate actions aims to strengthen capital and support future business expansion in order to strengthen the position of MNC Bank as one of the best financial service providers in its class.
He added, MNC Bank won a positive performance at the end of 2018, this was the result of the hard work of the entire team and the solid foundation that had been built in the initial phase of transformation. In addition, strengthening business synergy with all MNC Group business units also boosted this performance growth. "This makes MNC Bank even better to run the second phase of the" Focusing Business "transformation agenda in the consumer and retail segments supported by the commercial and corporate segments, so that MNC Bank's business and profitability continues to increase this year." Concluded Mahdan Director of MNC Bank.

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