15 OCTOBER 2018
MNC Bank Celebrates 4th Birthday With Promo Bazaar
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JAKARTA - PT Bank MNC International Tbk celebrates its 4th birthday on 15 October 2018. In order to appreciate and gives added value for customers in general and MNC group employees in particular, MNC Bank holds a bazaar of various product promos at MNC Center Kebon Sirih, Jakarta Center starts Monday (10/15).
For KTA Employee products which in order to strengthen synergies with various MNC Group business units. Employees within business unit who have collaborated, MNC Bank offers convenience in applying for loans without collateral. In addition, MNC Bank also partnered with various motorbike and car products to hold exhibitions at the MNC Center. Hence, employees who are interested in these products can easily apply for KTA in the bazaar.
"This event was carried out as a promotion of KTA MNC Bank products to MNC Group employees and as a form of appreciation and more value in the 4th MNC Bank Anniversary celebration." MNC Bank Head Implant Banking Group Muhammad Aria Pratama, on the sidelines of the activity. In addition to KTA specifically for employees, MNC Bank also held a socialization program for the Multiguna Express Credit that was fast, easy and flexible, continued Aria.
In line with Aria, MNC Bank Card Usage Head Eva Dahlia stated that MNC Bank's credit card promo bazaar is an appreciation of the Bank to loyal users of MNC Bank credit cards. In this bazaar, one of MNC Bank's online shopping store merchants participated in holding a pop up store. In this activity, MNC Bank credit card holders can view various items that are usually sold online such as SLR cameras, watches, and sneakers. Besides being able to see and try items directly, card users can also enjoy discounts of up to 70% with additional special discounts of up to 40%.
"In addition to this Funt4stic Year bazaar, MNC Bank credit card users can also enjoy various attractive discounts at various MNC Group business units. Promos with group synergies such as a 40% discount at Mister Aladin and The FThing, as well as a special package of Rp.44,000 at Wooloomooloo Café and Bistro are more value offered by MNC Bank as part of the MNC Group. "Eva concluded.

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