31 OCTOBER 2019
Introducing KTA Payroll MNC to Adds Value for Business Partners
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JAKARTA - PT Bank MNC International Tbk (MNC Bank) continues to improve service quality and provide more value for all stakeholders, including companies that have established working relationships with MNC Bank. Thursday afternoon (10/31), MNC Bank introduced the KTA Payroll program, namely Unsecured Loans which became more value for companies with Payroll at MNC Bank.
"MNC Bank continues to consolidate and focus on business in accordance with the Bank's planned Business plans, namely consumer and retail businesses. In order to increase market penetration in the segment, today MNC Bank introduced the KTA Payroll program, "said Mahdan at the MNC Financial Center Lobby. Present at the introduction were the management of MNC Bank, along with the management of companies that had established Payroll cooperation with MNC Bank.
KTA Payroll was launched as a token of appreciation to MNC Bank Payroll loyal customers. The program is expected to meet the financial needs of employees by providing funds through a fast process and low interest rates. One of the advantages of MNC Bank KTA Payroll products is the designation of loan facilities to permanent, contracted and outsourced employees as long as they meet the requirements in accordance with the agreement. So, with this program, MNC Bank can boost the performance of both lending and raising cheap funds.
Until September 2019, MNC Bank's performance was quite good. This can be seen in the performance of MNC Bank in the third quarter of 2019 which recorded total assets of Rp11.08 trillion and liabilities of Rp9.63 trillion or grew by 3.6% and 3.4% respectively from the same period in the previous year.
Asset growth was driven by an increase in lending, which in the third quarter of 2019 reached Rp8.1 trillion, or grew 7.6%. Credit distribution has reached 96% of the target with the largest portion of the distribution in the Consumer sector, in accordance with the bank's business plan.
Meanwhile, liability growth was driven by an increase in third party fund raising, which in the third quarter of 2019 reached Rp9 trillion or grew 5.9%. The growth of third party funds reached 96% of the target with savings growth of 7.6%.
As BUKU II Bank, MNC Bank always prioritizes quality of service to customers and business partners without ignoring governance and efficiency. By managing strategic office network placements, financial service innovations such as KTA Payroll, developing digital banking capabilities such as mobile technology and internet banking features and mobile apps, MNC Bank is able to reach a broad customer base efficiently. In general the achievement of targets and performance of the MNC Bank remains "on track" despite various challenges encountered during the second and third quarters of 2019.

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