21 JUNE 2019
Continuing 2018 Positive Performance Momentum, MNC Bank Holds GMS and Public Expose.
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Jakarta - PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk (MNC Bank) approves and accepts the company's audited Annual Report 2018, including reports on supervisory duties of the Board of Commissioners for fiscal year 2018. Approval for the 2018 Annual Report which is closed positively with audited net income 2018 amounting to Rp 57.02 billion was carried out at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) in Jakarta, Thursday (6/20).
MNC President Director Bank Mahdan said "the positive performance of 2018, besides being driven by synergy of the hard work from all employees and the right strategy of a professional management team, also utilizing more value from all business networks and MNC Group brands." Said Mahdan explained the bank's positive performance in 2018 .
In addition, at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGM), MNC Bank shareholders also agreed to reaffirm the authorization of Company's Board of Directors with the approval of the Company's Board of Commissioners regarding implementation of Series III and IV Warrants as well as issuance of Management and Employee Stock Option Programs (MESOP).
Mahdan revealed, in continuing the second phase of transformation, the Bank strengthened its focus on increasing number of customers (customer base) and transaction value in Consumer and SME segments, while corporate and commercial segments as support. Furthermore, the bank continues to strengthen synergies with MNC Group.
The implementation results of MNC Bank strategy are reflected in the achievement of performance throughout 2018, namely net income of Rp. 57.02 billion. The positive performance of 2018 was supported by the rapid increase of the Bank's operating profit reaching Rp 80.20 billion. In addition, MNC Bank's financial instruments also increased in 2018 such as total assets to Rp. 10,855 billion, total loans to Rp. 7,512 billion, and equity of Rp. 1,430 billion. Total deposits in 2018 decreased slightly to Rp. 8,470 billion, but with a higher ratio of low-cost funds.
Positive performance in the 2018 financial year continues into first quarter of 2019. This is indicated by the year-to-date performance such as net income of Rp 3.08 billion and operating profit of Rp 3.28 billion. Other MNC Bank financial instruments continued to increase, starting from total assets to IDR 10,922 billion, total loans to IDR 7,641 billion, total deposits to IDR 8,580 billion, and equity IDR 1,440 billion.
"The momentum of the Bank's performance to be maintained in a positive direction is thanks to the hard work of the entire team, as well as support from shareholders and the synergy of various business entities in the MNC Group. The performance that we have achieved at the moment is a trigger for work morale so that the business and profitability of MNC Bank continues to increase throughout 2019. "Concluded Mahdan.

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