Corporate Social Responsibility

MNC Bank realizes that Corporate Social Responsibility is essential in supporting the growth of the Bank. The Bank’s success in carrying out its Business Plan is not only influenced by internal, but also external factors, because the Bank’s business continuity is inseparable from public participation in welcoming various banking products and services offered by the Bank.
As a Bank that has grown and boasts good performance, MNC Bank strives to be able to make a real contribution directly to improve economic, social and environmental well-being in the communites, especially those in our operational areas. The Bank strengthens its commitment to the implementation of CSR, believed can contribute positive added value for the Bank’s sustainable growth, and position the Bank as one of the corporate citizens with good reputation for social responsibility.
In its efforts, MNC Bank collaborate with MNC Peduli. MNC Peduli advocates social activities within a Corporate Social Responsibility agenda of several group companies affiliated in MNC Group, with a mutual and caring spirit to help others for a better and prosperous Indonesia.

Cooperating with MNC Peduli, CSR in MNC Bank is done in accord with four categories programmed as follows:
  • CSR Related to Nature Conservation and Environment
MNC Bank always participates in conserving nature and environment. This participation is implemented in the policy and the programs. Even tough MNC Bank’s operational activities have no direct impact on the environment, Bank strives to manage and minimize the operational risks/impacts on the environment by participating in environmental conservation efforts implemented within the Bank’s internal environment, such as reducing the consumption of paper, electricity and gasoline.
This policy is applied from head office to branch offices. MNC Bank realizes that this policy has positive impacts not only on the environmnet but also the creation of an efficiency culture in MNC Bank.

  • CSR Related to Employement, Health and Safety
For MNC Bank, employees as human capital are one of the main assets that are very valuable and must be treated properly. Therefore, the Bank has compiled a policy in social responsibility in the field of manpower that is carried out by complying with all prevailing legislation in the manpower sector. Internally, MNC Bank has HR management guidelines that become a reference for HR development. And externally, the reference to manpower policy refers to Law No. 13 Year 2003 concerning Labor.
This is to ensure compliance with the prevailing legislation and minimize the occurrence of violations of human rights in employment relations. In addition, the Bank also conducts operational activities in accordance with applicable rules with zero accident targets.

  • CSR Related to Social Community Development
The community is one of the main focuses of MNC Bank in carrying out business activities. The bank realizes that the existence of a prosperous community with good health condition will affect the Bank’s business continuity.
Therefore, the Bank considers it is necessary to organize activities by prioritizing in 3 (three) areas, namely health, education and religious areas. In the past few years, the Company’s CSR activities in these fields have been intensified and enhanced to be able to make a positive contribution, both for the Bank’s social care, as well as for the community. To achieve these goals and to expand the reach and benefits of CSR activities, MNC Bank strengthens its synergy with MNC Group business units under the MNC Peduli banner.

  • CSR Related to Products and Customers
The customers are part of MNC Bank’s key stakeholders. Customers determine the Bank’s success in facing the increasingly fierce competition in the Banking business. As such, it is important for MNC Bank to provide the best service to customers, ranging form providing products, information, handling customer complaints, to customer protection.
Since the Law No. 8 Year 1999 on Consumer Protection is in effect, it provides assurance to consumers about the quality, quantity and safety of goods and/or services they obtain in market. MNC Bank always puts the safety, comfort and customer satisfaction by providing the best service.
The Bank is not only sells the banking products that are safe and beneficial to the community but also provides maximum protection to consumers (product liability). The Bank’s commitment to consumer protection includes, among others: Guaranteed Customer Deposit Protection and MNC Bank Banking Transaction Services (Call Center).