23 OCTOBER 2019
MNC Bank Social Activities In Its 5th Anniversary
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DEPOK - PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk provides added value through various activities during its 5th anniversary this October. One of those activities that shows appreciation to people who are always loyal with MNC Bank, is providing social assistance for persons with disabilities coordinated with MNC Peduli.
The social activities carried out were done at Wisma Tuna Ganda Palsigunung, Depok, West Java, on Wednesday (10/23) and Sekolah Sungai Ciliwung, Srengseng, Jakarta on Monday (10/23). This assistance is not only intended to help others, but also to maintain the spirit of mutual cooperation.
"We believe that a well-maintained spirit of mutual assistance will be able to foster development of all Indonesian citizens, including MNC Bank," said MNC Bank Corporate Communication Head Dheni Kamavina, in the midst of activities that were also attended by MNC Peduli representatives, in Depok , West Java, Wednesday (10/23).
Dheni explained that these social activities is an annual activity carried out by MNC Bank to help others. MNC Bank hopes that the assistance delivered can help communities around MNC Bank operational area.
After providing social assistance, representatives of MNC Bank and MNC Peduli greeted the residents of Tuna Ganda house. All residents of the guesthouse which was established in 1975 are people with multiple disabilities, which are physical and mental.
The housekeeper takes visitors to see area where the residents rest, study, therapy and play. A number of residents unhesitatingly responded to and interacted with MNC Bank and MNC Peduli team with smiles that still showed a glimpse of hope.

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