02 MARCH 2018
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JAKARTA - PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk. again proves its support for millennial generation, or more often called the generation of Now. After launched various applications in 2017, that support the dynamics of millennials, now MNC Bank participated in the opening of Werkspace. Werkspace itself is a co-workspace oriented place that offers many advantages, making it a convenient and efficient place to grow its tenants business.

"As a Bank oriented to the younger generation, we provide beyond applications such as punyarumah, punyakartu, and punyacelengan for millenials that are dynamic and tech savy. But we also support efforts that accommodate the dynamics of these millenials, such as supporting development of coworking space. ", Said MNC Bank Lending Business Head Budy Setiawan at the opening ceremony Werkspace titled Marketplace, in Pluit Indah Raya, Jakarta - Utara.

In the event, MNC Bank introduced various banking products and services in place which also filled with tenants and sponsors. In addition, the Bank also participates in sharing sessions and Q & A. In the discussion session, MNC Bank Business Head Budy Setiawan revealed various ways and tips for SME business to use banking services and even leverage it to support business development.

Werkspace co-founder A. Jackson explains that the concept of workspaces and offices such as Werkspace, enables medium and small companies to save money and be more flexible in allocating costs. Not only for companies, but also individuals and teams that are developing could utilize the concept of this work space to develop their employee's potential and innovation. It certainly can have an impact on increasing productivity.

Support and education in the Marketplace event becomes one of MNC Bank's efforts to embrace companies from various industries that are already running, along with potential start-ups in becoming customers. These efforts are expected to both directly and indirectly contribute to loan growth as well as third party funds in 2018 within range of 9-12%.