16 MARCH 2018
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JAKARTA - PT Bank MNC International Tbk again proved its support for millenial generation, or more often called the generation of Now era. After the beginning of March the MNC Bank participated in the opening of work space for millennia, in the form of education and literacy for young entrepreneurs. MNC Bank is now partnering with MNC Media, inviting students from Esa Unggul University and SDN Gondangdia 01, in a series of educational and financial literacy events from March 15, 2018 to March 16, 2018. This activity is one of MNC Bank's annual programs to support inclusion programs finances promoted by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).
Funding Business Head MNC Bank Rita Montagna revealed, as a Bank-oriented to the younger generation, it supports efforts that prepare millennial generation to grow and develop.
"Surely our hope is that this young generation will contribute to the progress of the nation," she said at the opening of MNC Bank Financial Education and Literacy event at MNC Financial Center, Jakarta (15/3).
On this occasion, the students of Communication Faculty of Esa Unggul University were given socialization and education about various banking products and services, especially investment for the future.
In addition, they are also given understanding and knowledge related to the world of communication media. MNC Media invites students to see firsthand the activity in the newsroom that is incorporated from several media under the auspices of MNC Group.
Editorial Leader iNews.id Masirom mentions, besides equipped with financial literacy that qualified, the next generation of this nation must also be more media literate.
"The two things are increasingly important, to prepare students to plunge into the digital community with all the ease and speed of access," he said.
Meanwhile, the students of SDN Gondangdia 01 were introduced to the banking world in general such as the various benefits of saving at the Bank. They are also invited to see the daily life and profession of the banking world in MNC Bank Branch Office located at MNC Tower, Jakarta.
Rita Montagna says saving money can make children appreciate purchased items more than the habit of asking for goods directly to parents. To support this, MNC Bank has launched a new application that also seeks to educate with the concept of gamification.
"Saving the most secure from the risk is at the Bank, this is what we try to cultivate for children," she concluded.