Corporate Social Responsibility

Bank put efforts to fulfill the interests of all stakeholders, shareholders and also the surrounding communities through its CSR program based on Bapepam-LK Regulations No.X.K.6 regarding the Submission of Annual Report of Public Listed Companies. According to this law, corporate social responsibility programs are under the Company’s operational expenses.
As a whole, the social and environmental responsibilities which have been carried out during 2014 included environmental conservation, employment activities, health and safety, and social and customer service programs.
CSR activities aimed at supporting companies and stakeholders (stakeholders) that will help sustainable growth for the Bank. Based on this view, the implementation of CSR we are committed to share the success we’ve achieved with the community at large. CSR include community outreach programs around, employees, customers, and the communities around us.
The Bank is trying to achieve a harmonious relationship with its stakeholders for the sustainability of its CSR activities and to give broader impact to the community. Those activities are implemented through activities that involved the local community to increase the economic growth of local communities in the surrounding of the Bank’s area.
The Bank is committed to continuously improve the implementation of CSR program to include community representatives to ensure the proper implementation of targeted activities.