Corporate Secretary

As a public company, the Company must establish and maintain communication with regulators, capital market circles, investors and the general public. This is done in the context of disclosure in accordance with principles of Governance and maintaining and / or increasing public confidence in the Bank. In line with regulation regarding disclosure of company information, the Company has appointed a Corporate Secretary.
The Corporate Secretary has his/her duty and responsibility for publication activities regarding Company's activities and maintains fairness, consistency and transparency regarding matters related to corporate governance performance and corporate actions. The Corporate Secretary is also responsible for monitoring the Company's compliance with capital market rules and regulations and as a liaison between the Company and stakeholders.

The functions and duties of Corporate Secretary include:
  • Following development of Capital Market particularly applicable laws and regulations in the Capital Market field;
  • Provide input to the Directors and Board of Commissioners of an Issuer or Public Company to comply with regulations in Capital Market field;
  • Assist the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners in implementing corporate governance which includes:
    • Information disclosure to the public, including information availability on website of the Issuer or Public Company;
    • Timely submission of reports to Financial Services Authority;
    • Implementation and documentation of General Meeting of Shareholders;
    • Organization and documentation of Directors and / or Board of Commissioners meetings; and
    • Implementation of company orientation program for Directors and / or Board of Commissioners.

Heru Sulistiadhi
45 years old
Indonesian citizens
Heru Sulistiadhi is the Corporate Secretary since 9 September 2019 based on Directors Decree No. 297/MTS-HRG/IX/19, the appointment of Corporate Secretary has also been reported to the OJK and the Indonesia Stock Exchange through the Electronic Reporting System (SPE) No. 122/MNCB/CS/IX/2019 on September 11, 2019. He is 45 years old, an Indonesian citizen. Obtained a Master of Management in Finance from Gajah Mada University in 2000. Started his career in 2001 as an Officer Development Program at PT Bank Mega Tbk and then held various positions until his last position as Senior Manager Board Office Support Head & Corporate Secretary in 2015. After that he served as AVP Corporate Secretary at PT Bank DBS Indonesia until 2019.
He has no affiliation with members of Directors and members of the Board of Commissioners, as well as shareholders.