Communication Policy

In order to improve the quality of communication and build effective communication between MNC Bank and all stakeholders, an Internal and External Communication Procedure has been prepared by utilizing various means of communication to create and maintain a positive corporate image and good management of the Bank's reputation risk.
This procedure is a guide for the internal and external communication process which includes communication with or between:
  • Shareholders, including the communication medium for the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS), Public Expose, Information Disclosure, information on the website, and media correspondence with other shareholders;
  • Regulators (Regulators), including periodic and incidental reporting communication mediums to regulators and related institutions through both physical and non-physical correspondences, as well as Electronic Reporting Systems;
  • Public, including mass media communication media in the form of press releases and press conferences, as well as outdoor media and digital media;
  • Board of Commissioners, Directors, Employees and other third parties covering physical and non-physical communication mediums.

In addition, MNC Bank has a special work unit that is tasked with maintaining and managing good relations between the Bank and all stakeholders.